Chapter 28 – Beyond The Sacred Veil Of The Temple


From the beginning the Father has always wanted to dwell in the human heart and soul. God’s perfect will and His greatest desire has always been that man himself be His temple dwelling place.

But a barrier of doubt and distrust was erected in Adam and Eve’s mind when they listened to the insinuations of Satan regarding the true character of God. Now, in a separated and sinful state, fallen from the sinless bliss of their garden home, they had forfeited God’s wonderful Presence. It took the form of a glow of light that radiated from within their bodies, symbolic of their Creator’s spirit in them. The departure of this aura or robe of light left them in a state of nakedness compared to what they had been accustomed to and they hid themselves from the Lord God of Eden, Genesis 3:6, cowering and trembling in fear. I have written more in depth on that topic in other articles which can be found on God’s Last Call web site found at:

And mankind has been hiding from God ever since. His stricken conscience will not allow him to come into the presence of a holy and sinless God. But, Jesus, the pure and holy, Son of god has brought us back into favor with our beloved Heavenly Father.

This Divine effort to restore His Presence in our minds has been going on now for over 6,000 years. Through numberless evidences of His Fatherly care, love and concern, the Father has tried to bind our human hearts to Himself. Through nature and the love that can exist between human beings in families and friendships, God has been continually attempting to let us know He is there, ready to help us any time we need Him. Psalms 50:15; Romans 10:8. But these evidences, as comforting and encouraging as they are, only give us a faint glimpse of the glory that exists beyond the sacred veil. The Father’s great heart of love pulsates its message all throughout the universe. It is only on this planet that the meaning is garbled and perverted by the enemy.

Satan has led men to think of God as severe and unforgiving like a stern judge who only wishes to condemn them. He pictures Him as one who is watching with an exacting eye to discover the mistakes of each of us so he might have a reason to punish us with his “judgments.” It was for this very reason that God’s dear Son came to this dark earth to live, die and be raised from the dead.

In order for man to regain the lost estate of Eden, he must first regain the Presence of His maker in his mind. This could only be done through an educational process. God, the Teacher, and man the student. Jesus, in His great intercessory prayer in Gethsemane stated the solution in 21 brief words.

“And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true god, and Jesus Christ, whom thou has sent.” John 17:3. This knowledge of God that Christ brought is a knowledge that every person must possess who desires and hopes to be in God’s kingdom. This knowledge of God will change one’s attitude toward God and thus toward his fellow man. It will fashion or mold a person into a brand new, happy, vibrant, and loving type of individual…the kind of person each of us wants to be but never imagines we can become. This wonderful knowledge and understanding of your heavenly Father will give you supernatural, spiritual power to become an over comer. It will actually re-create in your soul the image of God that Adam lost by doubting and disobeying God… “dealing treacherously with His Creator.” Hosea 6:7.

Jacob had this experience when he wrestled with the angel, who was the Lord God of hosts (Hosea 12:4, 5), even Jesus Christ. Jacob’s name meant “cheater” or “supplanter.” Jacob overcame and got the victory by surrendering to God’s will and received the victory. His new name, Israel, meant one who has overcome or prevailed with God. Eternal life can begin right now by receiving God’s loving Presence into your life. A true understanding and knowledge of God’s love is the beginning of eternal life. “And this is the record, that God hath given to us eternal life, and this life is in His Son. He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life.” 1 John 5:11, 12.

In order to make this knowledge known and available to man, God had to come down to our level. Paul describes this condescension in these graphic words. “Who being in the form of God, thought in not robbery to be equal with God: but made Himself of no reputation, and took upon Him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men. And being found in fashion as a man, He humbled Himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross.” Philippians 2:6-8.

Verses 10 and 11 go even further stating that because of this incredible demonstration of the Father’s unutterable love every knee will eventually bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ truly is Lord. And that this bowing down and confessing will “bring glory to God the Father.” Vs. 11. Some people have interpreted this to mean that this will be a forced and/or fake conversion experience. That all the lost outside the gates of the New Jerusalem, after the 1,000 years, will just go through the motions but will not be sincere, i.e. not really mean it. And then God will have to burn them up with literal fire, Revelation 20:9.

Let us analyze the whole situation here logically and Scripturally. First of all, God never will force anyone to do anything they don’t want to do. So, He is not going to force anyone to bow down before Him and confess the name of His beloved Son, for that would never “bring glory” to His name. Furthermore, we read in 1 Corinthians 12:3: “No man can say that Jesus is the Lord, but by the Holy Ghost.” So, what other conclusion is there but that this confession and this bowing down before the throne of God is a true conversion experience. Actually it agrees with what Revelation 5:13 predicts, that “every creature which is in heaven, and on the earth, and under the earth, and such as are in the sea, and all that are in them, heard I saying, Blessing, and honor, and glory, and power, be unto Him that sits upon the throne, and unto the Lamb for ever and ever.” Revelation 15: 4 says basically the same thing. And Paul also tells us “If any man’s work shall be burned (up or lost) he shall suffer loss: but he himself shall be saved; yet so as by fire.” 1 Cor 3:15. Eph. 1:10 also tells us that “all things” will eventually be “gathered together in one” and this will be the fulfillment of the “Mystery of His will.” Then put with that 2 Peter 3:9 where we read that God does not “will” that any be lost. This is not just wishful thinking on God’s part but careful planning from the days of eternity. If God “wills* something that means a plan of action has already been set in motion from all eternity past and will be carried out exactly on time according to His perfect Divine will and pleasure. This is clearly stated in Daniel 4 in the confession of Nebuchadnezzar. That is why Paul says in Rom 11:26 that “All Israel will be saved.” This is what Peter was talking about in Acts 3:21 regarding the Restitution or Restoration of all things which he said all the prophets had predicted from the beginning. Cf. Isaiah 40:5; Psalms 22:27-31. Ezekiel 16:53-55 even predict that Sodom will be restored along with Samaria and Jerusalem. And Ezekiel 47:1 and on go into detail about this rescue mission. There is much more proof if anyone desires to read about it on my web site at: *God “intends” (original Greek) for all to be saved. 2 Peter 3:9.

So all this will result from Jesus’ condescension to become one of us. When He at last sees the final result of His sacrifice Isaiah 53:11 tells us that He will “see the travail of His soul and shall be satisfied.” How could He be satisfied with anything less than total success and victory? Of course, He couldn’t.

The Bible calls this phenomenon of God descending into a human form, “THE MYSTERY OF GODLINESS.” 2. Tim. 3:16. Peter spoke of it like this. “This salvation was something the prophets did not fully understand.” I Pet 1:11-12, 22. Living Bible. But think of the price Jesus had to pay to make this knowledge available to us. When Christ died, the veil of the temple was torn into from top to bottom so we could see what God is really like. That sacred veil represents Christ’s flesh which was ripped and torn so we can see into the Father’s throne room beyond the sacred veil. But it also represents the Father’s heart, which was ripped open when His only Son suffered and died on Calvary.

Now, we can go into the Most Holy Place of the sanctuary, into the very presence of the Creator Father Himself, into His throne room without fear and make our petitions known. That is what Paul means when he says, “For we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin. Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.” Hebrews 4:15, 16.

Sometime ago I was trying to make God more real to some friends of mine and I was given a special understanding of the problems the Father and Son have had in trying to communicate with people down here on earth. The Lord brought to my mind a story or parable that I finally wrote out to explain what the Lord has to go through in order to accomplish his mission of getting us into His throne room with Himself beyond the sacred veil. I will now share this story with you.


There was a big company with thousands of employees working for it in a big city. Now, the name of this big company was “OUR GOODNESS, INC.” I know that sounds like an odd and weird name, but it advertises their product, which was “goodness.” Yes, that’s what I said. You heard me right. They manufactured goodness. You would be surprised how many people believed in their product and bought it. Why they were one of the wealthiest companies in the world. They had salesmen in every state in the USA and in almost every country in the world. This big company was known for their “goodness” all around the globe.

And they were always holding campaigns to spread the “good news” of their product into more communities and homes and to enlarge their smaller companies in every state and country into larger companies. And they were growing. But for all their labor, most of the members of this company didn’t seem very happy. Their product just didn’t seem to do much for them. I visited among them quite often.

I remember one time an older gentleman who had been with the company for more years than anyone could remember came in and gave a pep talk at one of their plants. His speech really upset a lot of people when he told them they had the wrong name for their product. He explained, “In the beginning when the big Boss upstairs started this company, it was called, HIS GOODNESS INC. and back in those days the workers were much happier, even though their sales volume was much lower and we had fewer and not so fancy of plants.” Well, they just about ran him out of the plant that day, they were so angry. Before he left though, I talked to him out in the parking lot before he drove away. I asked him how and when the name of the company got changed from “HIS GOODNESS,” TO “OUR GOODNESS.” He told me it had happened at a stockholder’s meeting many years ago. They had a committee meeting, he said, and they told the big boss upstairs they wanted to run the company themselves without His advice or interference. The Big Boss finally gave in and let them have their own way and little by little, things began to change. Then one day they had a committee meeting without inviting the Big boss, as He was rarely invited anymore anyway, and that was when they changed the name of the company. They borrowed lots of money and brought in a lot of outside experts and things just slowly but surely evolved into what they are today.

Then I asked him where the Big Boss was now and he said he still had His office in the same places as always…upstairs, beyond the veil. So, I asked him where that was and he invited me to come to work in the main plant. I had heard a lot of stories about the Big Boss and how mean he was and so naturally, I was afraid.

He told me that I should meet the Big boss’ Son and then I wouldn’t be afraid anymore. This made me feel a lot better for I had heard a few things about him that were pretty nice, so I decided to go to work at the main plant. My first day on the job was very nerve racking. I was afraid I’d make a mistake of some kind and be dismissed. I heard all kinds of bad things about the Big Boss and how he could get you fired if things didn’t go His own way. You see, even though they had changed the name of the company and were not doing everything like He wanted them to do, He still had a lot of power and they claimed that He often manipulated things around whenever He wished to do so.

There were all kinds of rumors floating around about Him. One had it that He was responsible for a number of the worker’s deaths—workers who had gone against Him in the past. They had met with “accidents” no one could explain. They also said he had installed the one way glass all around the top of the walls to keep an eye on everyone. He was watching, they said, to see if anyone made a mistake so He could get them fired or at least demoted to a lesser position. Or if He didn’t think they worked hard enough for the company and were sincere and dedicated enough, He could also arrange to have them fired.

Well, you can imagine what a nervous wreck I was working there that first week. The second week wasn’t quite as bad, but I was still pretty shaky. Then one day, a very bright, cheerful and kind looking young man came up to my desk and said to me, “Hi, Joe.” He greeted me with a smile and really seemed interested in me as a person. I was really shocked that He knew my name. Since I was very busy working at my desk processing “goodness” orders, I didn’t know if I had time to talk to Him or not. “The Big Boss upstairs might see me and get mad,” I thought. He must have read my mind for the next thing He said to me was, “Joe, don’t worry about the Big Boss upstairs watching you. He’s not out to get you or anybody else. I should know Joe, for the Big Boss is my Father, and He isn’t bossy at all. You should not refer to Him as the Big Bad Boss, for He is your Heavenly Father and He loves you with an everlasting love.”

I just about died right there on the spot when He said that. Oh, if there had just been a hole to crawl into somewhere under or near that desk. “Joe, the real reason I came to see you is because my Father and I were just talking about you this morning and He said He would love to meet you personally.” “Meet me?” I somehow croaked out, hardly daring to look up. “Yes,” Joe, “you,” He replied with such a kind and loving voice. “I want you to meet my Dad. He’s really a wonderful person. I know you would just love Him. I know there has been a campaign on to discredit Him Joe, but believe me, my Father has never hurt or killed one single person in this enterprise. Why I have been with Him right from the beginning when He formed this company and I know what He is really like. Actually, Joe, if you have seen Me and talked to Me, you may as well consider that you have seen and talked to my Dad. Look, Joe, there are a few people in this company whom I have persuaded to meet with my Father on a regular basis. We have group meetings with him and then he likes to talk to each person by Himself individually. He would like to explain to you the real purpose for which He created and formed this company in the first place. He’s looking for sincere and conscientious people like yourself whom He can train through regular meetings with Himself and Me and then I will go out with you personally into all the world to teach others the real truth about My Father and His ‘GOODNESS’ which is His true character of love. You see, Joe, HIS GOODNESS was the original name of the company’s product until they changed it to glorify themselves.”

“Oh, Joe, My Father’s original plan can change the world and make it a beautiful place in which to live. Everyone who will listen and cooperate will have a part in this new world in which there will be no more death, sickness, heartache or trouble of any kind. If people would only listen, but they have been deceived. The holocaust is coming, Joe. We don’t have much time left to give the last warning message. Please, Joe, won’t you come up and see Him with me right now? He is waiting for you. He asked me to come down here and invite you up for a personal get-acquainted interview.”

By this time most of my fears had subsided and I was almost ready to go with Him when a very well dressed and handsome looking man I’d seen before walking around the plant, came over and whispered in my ear. “Joe, if you go with this charlatan to that so-called upper room He’s telling you about you will never return. He and His Father are both liars. There is no ‘upper room,’ or ‘sanctuary,’ or ‘Most Holy Place,’ as They have stupidly called it, so don’t let this sweet talking con artist trick you, Joe. The real group you want to join is my group right down here on this level—my level. Almost the whole plant and all the other plants around world belong to my group. Remember, Joe, the majority is always right.”

Now, I was really confused. The Boss’ son was standing there all the time, right by my desk. Was I ever embarrassed. But He didn’t get a bit mad or upset. Finally, after the other fellow quit whispering in my ear, the son said, very quietly to me, “Joe, you are the only one who can decide. I’d love for you to come with me. Won’t you please come?” I told him I would need time to think it over. So, he said, “fine, Joe. I’ll be back next Monday morning at 10:00 a.m. and talk with you again.”

After the Son left, this other fellow took me by my arm and almost dragged me out of my chair. “Come on Joe,” He said, “I’m going to show you what a really cool plant we have here and how great our group is here on this level.” He had a magnetic charm and a charismatic type personality that just seemed to leave you no choice in the matter. It was a little frightening, but I just didn’t seem to have the will to resist. He took me all through the plant, and it was a beautiful place. Then we went to this meeting. At the meeting there were lots of people and they were all talking and seemed to be very excited over the company and their jobs. They were exchanging stories of how they had been able to sell more goodness orders then someone else and how they had started other plants in other states and countries and how they had received certain awards and certificates for all of their faithful service to the company.

It really did seem to be a well-organized company. I mean, I couldn’t find anything wrong with it—except during the meeting someone got up and made a suggestion that the product name should be changed to “MY GOODNESS,” from “OUR GOODNESS,” for this was the day of originality and independence and everyone was looking out for number one (himself) these days. If we could appeal more to the individual’s self-esteem, sense of dignity, pride, self-assertiveness, manhood (macho) and womanhood (wacho), the argument went, we could sell a lot more of our product and hasten our goal of converting the whole world to “Our Goodness.” We just need to work harder and get the information out about “Our Goodness” and then the world will know. The speaker seemed to be very sincere and earnest. He concluded with an appeal to “finish the work before time runs out and the world destroys itself.” Others said “amen” and still other workers arose and said, “friends, I believe the Holy Spirit is being poured out on us right now here in this meeting. We must all dedicate ourselves to get busy and work harder than ever or its going to be too late.” Several “amens” rang throughout the auditorium as he sat down.

No sooner had they sat down than another person arose and stated that although the last speaker’s suggestion seemed like a good one in theory, it wouldn’t work for it would be too fast and too big of a change to start using a different name for the product. He was booed down and then a third speaker arose and said, “what we really need in this company is more respect. We need stricter rules to keep all the workers in line for there are too many trouble makers going around trying to introduce strange theories and doctrines to pervert the truth about our wonderful product, ‘OUR GOODNESS.’”

Why some workers would even bring the Big Boss back into full power and that would be the end for all of us. We all know the Big Boss doesn’t really care what we do or what happens to us, as long as we get our jobs done and the $money$ is there. So, I suggest we make some more rules to get rid of these off-shoot, independent, heretic trouble makers. One of their most awful doctrines is that the Big boss never has nor ever will hurt or kill anyone. Now, we know that is not true. If people lose their fear of the big Boss, they will think they can do anything they want and this whole company will be ruined. The government will come in and take over because of all the chaos and confusion. So, we have to enforce law and order for ourselves, because this one truth about the Big Boss must not be changed. He does use force when He has to do so. He is above all law and does not have to keep the same laws we have to abide by. If He sees fit to destroy someone that is His business. He is the boss and we are not to question it. Anyway, we can’t, so we might as well face it. If we just do what he says and keep in good with Him by obeying Him and making Him lots of money, He will not bother us.” Many people were nodding their heads in approval but others were protesting. “Are you saying that He breaks His own law in order to uphold it?” one person asked? “That doesn’t make any sense at all,” another person said. “That would be hypocritical.”

There seemed to be a lot of division and turmoil. Finally, someone called for a vote on the new name, “MY GOODNESS.” Discussion ended and the new name, “MY GOODNESS,” was voted in by a very narrow margin. There seemed to be quite a few pockets of resistance, but they fell silent as the LEADER who had led me in stood up to speak. “Now friends,” he began in a very calming voice, “we must all work together toward the common goal of telling the world about ‘YOUR GOODNESS.’ As your LEADER, I expect loyalty and teamwork. Loyalty to me and this company. As long as you work hard for me and this great company we have built, I will work hard for you. The leaders I have selected are worthy of your trust. When we meet together and come to decisions we expect you to carry them out. I want you to accept these leaders as the very voice of God. Do what they suggest and all will be well and the company will prosper. Resist their authority and question them and you will only phase yourself out of the company and your retirement benefits. The prosperity of the company, its glory and honor insures that ‘YOUR GOODNESS’ will be known all throughout the world. Thank you my friends. Now, let’s all go back to our jobs, and have a good day.”

As I left the meeting hall that day, I was really confused. Whom should I believe? After much meditation and prayer and searching the Scripture, I decided that I would go with the Son and see where it led me. If at anytime I felt like I was in any danger, I would leave Him and get back to my desk processing goodness orders. Well, the next Monday, at 10:00 a.m. sharp, sure enough, here comes the boss’ Son, just like He had promised. His handshake was firm and His smile was contagious. His whole being exuded warmth, love, and kindness, mercy and love. My fears subsided and a wonderful peace filled my soul. Psalms 16:11. It was as if I were in the very Presence of the Eternal God Himself.

Just as we were headed toward the stairway that leads up to the Big boss’ upper room, the LEADER came by and whispered into my ear. “Don’t go beyond the veil or you are a dead duck. No one has ever gone in there and come out alive except a special appointed one and he only goes in once a year. Just remember that if you expect to come back down here alive on my level.” I was shocked and puzzled as to what he meant by the veil, and so I asked the Son and he said, “Come and I will explain it all to you when we get to My Father’s outer office. You will understand in all good time. Don’t be afraid. Trust Me and everything is going to be ok.”

“Remember, I’ll be with you at all times and will never leave you nor forsake you.” Matthew 28:19, 20. These words calmed my nerves and we began the long climb up to the Father’s upper room. “No wonder very few ever come up here,” I said as we climbed the long, narrow, dark, stairway. “How far up is it to your Father’s office?” I enquired. His only reply was, “we’ll be there at the appointed time.” He assured me. “But it’s so dark,” I said. “Just hold onto my hand, for I am the way the truth and the light of this world. John 12:46; John 14:6. I will lead you to the Father, whom to know is life everlasting.” John 17:3.

On and on we climbed. It seemed we would never reach the upper room. I was getting weary, so he carried me up two flights of stairs and that rested me enough to continue on with Him just holding my hand. Finally, I saw a little glimmer of light at the top of the stairway and a door that opened. “All that enter that doorway must do so by faith alone. I will not force you to go in, but I will lead the way so you may follow me.” “Come,” He said in a kind voice, “let us go on. The appointed moment is near.”

My heart was pounding from climbing all those steps and my throat was dry. I was really scared to go through that door. But He went on in and encouraged me to follow Him. Soon we were both standing in a large beautiful room. It was one of the most unusual and yet one of the most gorgeous rooms I’d ever been in. The interior decorator must have really been inspired, whoever he was. There was a candlestick on the west side and some freshly baked bread of some kind on the north side and some incense burning on the south side that was the most pleasant aroma I had ever experienced. He explained in great detail what it all meant and then he said, “My Father is waiting for us just beyond that sacred veil.” It was one of the most beautiful curtains I had ever seen. The colors were just out of this world. The son asked me, “Joe, are you afraid to go in?” “Yes, I am. I don’t really think I have the courage to do it just now.” “Joe,” he said, “I will go in first and show you that there is nothing to be afraid of. Ok?”

His face was radiant with excitement and His voice was musical like the voice of many waters. Revelation 1:15. He walked over to curtain, lifted it up, bent over and walked in. He was in their for several minutes and I wondered if he would ever come back out. Finally, the curtain raised and He returned to be with me. His face was radiant with a beautiful glowing light. The whole room seemed to be filled with a lovely bluish and greenish-golden haze that was very soothing to my troubled nerves and spirit. His lovely voice brought me back to the purpose for which we had come. “Joe,” he began. “My Father is longing to meet you. He wants you to come in. Don’t be afraid. Joe, do you believe in Me?” He asked me kindly. “Oh, yes, you are very nice,” I replied. “Well,” He said, “if you have seen Me, you have seen my Father. We are one. Come, Joe, He is waiting for you. I cannot lift the sacred veil for you. You alone must do that. No one can do it for you. Meeting my Father is an individual matter.”

“Just go over and lift the veil, Joe, as I did, and take a peek inside. I know you will like it.” And so, slowly, I edged toward the curtain. But all the stories I had heard about the big bad boss upstairs came rushing into head again and I retreated to the farthest corner of the outer office trembling all over. But, with much pleading and encouragement the Son persuaded me to try it again. He sure was patient with me. And so once more I slowly went over to the curtain and lifted the veil just a little and peeked inside.

The room was so beautiful I could scarcely believe it, let alone describe it. All the colors of the rainbow were in there and in the midst of the room was the most gorgeous, most beautiful throne decked with all kinds of precious and rare jewels.

And on this throne sat a majestic personage that I knew must be the Father—THE BIG BOSS. He sure did look like the Son all right or rather the Son looked like Him. Anyway, they looked just like each other, is what I mean. And He was smiling at me. I was so elated I dropped the curtain and danced around the room. At last I knew the truth. “THE BIG BOSS REALLY IS A WONDERFUL AND LIVING PERSON!” He isn’t like they said at all. He is a kind, loving person, just like His Son. John 14:6-9; Revelation 21:3, 4; Revelation 22:3, 4.

Then I went over and lifted up the curtain again. This time the Father not only looked at me and smiled again, He also motioned with His hand to come on in. I was so startled that I dropped the curtain again and began to weep for joy. The Son said, “Joe, what’s the matter?” He’s … He’s…smiling …at…me! And He just motioned for me to come on in. I can’t believe it! He actually wants me to come into His very throne room—into His very Presence. Who am I to be so honored and privileged?

“Joe,” the Son said, with a patient and kind smile, “let’s go in together.” And so He lifted the curtain and went in first and I lifted it myself and went in after Him. The Father stood up and extended his arms to me and said, “Come here to Me my son. I want to talk to you. I have been waiting for this special moment from the day you were born.” I could hardly believe it was happening to me, but now He was talking to me again. “Joe,” He said, as He took me in His warm and loving arms and embraced me with a kiss, He had the same musical voice of His son.

But now He was speaking to me again. “My Son and I are so thrilled to have you in our company. We are so thankful you have joined us here beyond the sacred veil.” The Son had now taken a seat beside His Father and the Father said to him, “Son, please take off your gloves so Joe can see your hands.” I had been wondering why the Son always wore those beautiful white gloves. But now I understood why. His hands looked like they had been pierced with a big nail or spike or something. They were deep, but somehow beautiful scars. And a light seemed to shine forth—like rays of the sun or bright beams of light. Habakkuk 3:4; Zech. 12:10; 13:6; Psalms 22:16.

Now the Father was speaking to me again. “Joe,” He began. “My beloved and only begotten Son here has tried through the years to convince my many workers that I am not the kind of person their LEADER (the one they have chosen to rule over them) has told them I am. John 8:44; Rom 6:16. Well, they have treated him pretty bad and roughly. Once they even crucified Him. But we have forgiven them and a few have repented and come to Me and learned the truth. Yes, my Son died, but I have raised him from the dead and now He is alive forever more and has the keys of hell and death.” Revelation 1:18.

“But Joe,” He continued, “time is running out. And that is why it was important for you to come with my Son and Me here in our upper room, beyond the sacred veil. In the days ahead—and those days are upon us already—there will be no place to hide but in My presence here in this Most Holy place. No one in the world will be able to survive the coming Time of Trouble unless he knows the real truth about Me and comes here to be with My Son and Me, just as you did. Each person must come here and receive the special unction of My Spirit My Son and I are going to give to you right now, so you will be able to survive the coming holocaust.”

And then He told me all things about myself (John 4:29; 8:29, 38), and asked me if he could adopt me into His royal family (1 John 3:1-3), for I was born an orphan. I gladly accepted and then He breathed on me His Spirit (John 20:22) and programmed my mind with light, truth, peace and love that will carry me through to the end. All my sins and fears of the past were gone. He said that from now on I would daily and hourly, minute by minute, second by second live with Him in His very presence by faith and this would be my safety and salvation in the days ahead. Psalms 34:7.

He explained many other things I cannot tell you. Words would fail me to tell you what I learned, but I would only encourage you to also go up to the upper room with the Son. He will teach you along with His Father how to process “HIS GOODNESS” orders and how to avoid the LEADER’S advances. He will also teach you how to help others to come to the upper room and receive the unction of His Spirit.

I know you would love to meet Him yourself. His name is Jesus and He is conducting daily tours to His Father’s outer office and then on into the most holy place, beyond the sacred veil. Oh, here He comes now. Let me introduce you to Jesus, the Son of the living God, my blessed Redeemer, Savior and coming King.