Into The Father's Heart


Does God Really Kill People? – Was He responsible for the Flood in the days of Noah? – Did God destroy Sodom and Gomorrah with fire and brimstone? – Are all those people lost for all eternity? Does God make people sick or cause them to have accidents when they are bad, break His law and sin? – Does He kill animals? – What about the animal sacrifice system of the Old Testament? – Was that really God’s idea? – If so, why did Christ abolish it when He died? What is the Fire of God? – What is the Lake of Fire? – Is it literal? – How long will it last? – Does the soul go to hell and burn forever if he/she is lost? What about suicides? – Are they lost forever? Does God change or is He always the same? – Can I trust Him at all times? Or will He kill me if I break His rules? – Does God keep His own laws or is He exempt? – Is He allowed to destroy whenever He thinks it is necessary? What is the difference between kill and murder? – If the devil is responsible for all the evil in the world why hasn’t God destroyed him? – How did sin begin? – How will it end? – Whose fault is it anyway? – How can I find the answers?


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