Into The Father's Heart


The Oldest and most well hidden secret about God revealed in His eternal word. The world today is approaching its final crisis. Are you ready? Millions of souls all over the planet are searching for the answers to the questions below. Can you help them? Through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, this book takes you deeper and deeper into the very depths of the Father’s heart for a religious trip you will never ever forget. The author, a Pastor and Evangelist for over fourty years, believes God has been indicted for murder solely on the basis of circumstantial evidence. Like a lawyer in court, he carefully presents scriptural evidence to prove this charge is false–wholly without foundation or proof. His brilliant defense will thrill some and anger others. Whatever the response or reaction, we believe you will be intellectually challenged and spiritually rewarded for having read this book and sharing it with others.


Does God Really Kill People? – Was He responsible for the Flood in the days of Noah? – Did God destroy Sodom and Gomorrah with fire and brimstone? – Are all those people lost for all eternity? Does God make people sick or cause them to have accidents when they are bad, break His law and sin? – Does He kill animals? – What about the animal sacrifice system of the Old Testament? – Was that really God’s idea? – If so, why did Christ abolish it when He died? What is the Fire of God? – What is the Lake of Fire? – Is it literal? – How long will it last? – Does the soul go to hell and burn forever if he/she is lost? What about suicides? – Are they lost forever? Does God change or is He always the same? – Can I trust Him at all times? Or will He kill me if I break His rules? – Does God keep His own laws or is He exempt? – Is He allowed to destroy whenever He thinks it is necessary? What is the difference between kill and murder? – If the devil is responsible for all the evil in the world why hasn’t God destroyed him? – How did sin begin? – How will it end? – Whose fault is it anyway? – How can I find the answers?



Michael F. Clute